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Carte blanche for Valentina Magaletti, guest artist at Le Lieu Unique.
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The Separatist Party + Matana Roberts
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The Separatist Party + Matana Roberts

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The Separatist Party is the latest album by Mike Reed. This highly anticipated album showcases Reed, Mike's unique blend of jazz and electronic music, creating a mesmerizing and captivating listening experience. With The Separatist Party, Reed, Mike pushes the boundaries of traditional jazz by incorporating elements of electronic music into his compositions. The result is a dynamic and innovative sound that seamlessly blends acoustic instruments with electronic beats and textures.The album features a stellar lineup of musicians who bring their own distinct voices to the music. Reed's saxophone playing is both soulful and adventurous, while his collaborators provide a solid foundation for his improvisations. The interplay between the musicians is organic and spontaneous, creating an immersive and engaging listening experience. 

Matana Roberts is an internationally celebrated composer, performer, band leader, saxophonist, sound experimentalist, and mixed-media practitioner. Working across many contexts and mediums, including improvisation, music composition, visual art, dance, poetry, and theatre, Roberts is perhaps best known for their acclaimed Coin Coin project - a multi-chapter work of 'panoramic sound quilting' mixed media performance work, that aims to expose the mystical roots and intuitive traditions of American creative expression, while maintaining a deep and substantive engagement with narrative, history, community and political expression within sonic structures.

The Separatist Party + Matana Roberts
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