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Warning: This event will take place with loud volumes and may include stroboscopic lighting effects.
United States / Japan
Public with reduced mobility
Sunn O))) + Goat
©Angela Betancourt

Sunn O))) + Goat

Festival Variations

Sunn O))) returns to the live aspect in its core, original raw form. Founders/guitarists Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson will perform as a duo immersed in profound valve amplification, spectral harmonics, distortion and volume. Pure and primaeval riffs of temporality, massively heavy structures of sound pressure. Witness a live experience of physical sound, fog and glacial maximalism like no other. 

Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Goat challenges the typical rock-band set up with its unique, intricate approach to minimalism, prioritizing pure percussive sound over melodic content. It builds compositions that explore rhythms and bringing audiences into trance. Using harmonics outside standard tonality along with clever muting, Goat crafts complex, driven, forceful compositions which are both urban and tribal at the same time. Its percussion, for example, comprising of bass drum, snare and hi-hat with a muted bass for every string to hit with a punch.

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Sunn O))) + Goat
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