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Aïta Mon Amour + RUSNAM + Deena Abdelwahed

Aïta Mon Amour + RUSNAM + Deena Abdelwahed

Shouka celebrates its 10th anniversary!
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Aïta Mon Amour is a duo made up of Widad Mjama and Khalil Epi. This project is the fruit of their fascination for the Aïta, a musical genre embodied by the Chikhates, the women singers and guardians of a centuries-old practice. This project blends electronics and tradition, taking us on a spellbinding journey through Moroccan culture. 

RUSNAM, is a producer and composer. Her musical style combines traditional Middle Eastern instruments, heavy bass lines and post-industrial touches, and is freely inspired by world music, soul, hip-hop and experimental techno.

Deena Abdelwahed's musical explorations are hopeful attempts to infuse the diversity of Arab music into today's club music.

Aïta Mon Amour + RUSNAM + Deena Abdelwahed
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