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Lonnie Holley + Julia Holter

Lonnie Holley + Julia Holter

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Lonnie Holley, a self-taught artist with close ties to the art brut movement, is back on stage with his latest album, more pared-down than ever, eleven tracks on which his claims take the form of a mantra that aims to bring harmony and unification to all beings, despite the traumas associated with the black American condition. Somewhere between spiritual jazz and spoken word, his warm, prophetic voice takes listeners on a powerful introspective journey. 

Worthy heiress to Laurie Anderson or Kate Bush, Julia Holter, like her predecessors, creates bridges between genres: classical music, celestial pop or ambient. Influenced by cinema and poetry, her stunningly beautiful compositions blend synthesizers, strings and percussion, to which the American's spectral voice is added.

Lonnie Holley + Julia Holter
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