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Other spaces

Other spaces

Accessible to the public only for events (shows, exhibitions, festivals, meetings, etc.), these areas can also be made private on request.

The Cour - exhibition space 

Primarily an exhibition space, the 1200 square metres of La Cour (the courtyard) presents the most visible traces of the building’s industrial past. 

©Guillaume Kerhervé

The Grand atelier - main auditorium 

Le Lieu Unique’s main auditorium and concert hall, Le Grand Atelier, is the only recent part of the building. It’s design recycles building materials from Africa and France in reference to the history of Nantes. 

©David Gallard

THE Grenier du siècle

The double wall on Biscuiterie street houses the Grenier du siècle, a project designed by architect Patrick Bouchain and artist Patrick Raynaud to preserve the memory of Nantes through 12,000 everyday objects donated by local residents.

©Amboise Tézenas

THE foyer haut

Equipped with a stage, a projection system and a bar, the Foyer haut is open for various events and festivals.

©David Gallard

THE salon de musique

A soundproof space that is perfectly adapted to the most intimate proposals. Open on performance nights. 

©David Gallard

The Ateliers – workshops spaces 

600 square metres, which are adapted depending on the needs of whatever artistic project is being held there. Open on performance days. 

©Martin Argyroglo

The Silo - workshops residency space

This studio is available to visual artists for 2 or 6 month long residencies. 

© Shawn Liu

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