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visit the LU tower

visit the LU tower

Without reservation
Ticket to be bought on the spot :
- 2 à 3€
- Free for under-13s / Nantes pass holders / every first Sunday of the month
During school vacations (zone B)
— wednesday to saturday: 2pm to 7pm
— Sunday: 3pm to 7pm
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Built in 1909, the LU tower was initially an advertising totem erected to the glory of the LU biscuit brand. It was restored in 1998 to its exact original when the factory was reconverted into an arts venue. A tour proposes an ascent through the building – from the ground floor to the dome – to discover the major parts of the history of the place: from its creation in the 19th century to the present-day, as Le Lieu Unique we know. It combines archive images, posters, photos, video interviews, but also a dizzying retrospective that retraces more than 20 years of programming at Le Lieu Unique!

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visit the LU tower
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