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Memory Loss Collective
© Laura D Halleweyn

Memory Loss Collective

based on choreography by Ann Van den Broek

Memory Loss Collective is a musical collective with Gregory Frateur, Nicolas Rombouts and Sjoerd Bruil. Under the name Memory Loss Collective they improvise on music from the Memory Loss Collection, a choreographic series by Ann Van den Broek in which the musicians were closely involved. 

The musicians Nicolas Rombouts, Sjoerd Bruil and Gregory Frateur (among others known from Dez Mona), work with Ann Van den Broek for years now. Nicolas Rombouts as composer, Gregory Frateur as vocalist and performer and Sjoerd Bruil as musician and performer. The Memory Loss Collection, from which this concert originates, is a collection of productions (2018-2021) by Ann Van den Broek on the theme of dementia.

Memory Loss Collective
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