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Lauren Lee McCarthy

Lauren Lee McCarthy

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— from June 21 to July 5
from Tuesday to Saturday: 2.00 pm > 7.00 pm,
Sunday: 3.OO pm > 7.00 pm
Closed on Monday

— from July 6 to September 8
from Tuesday to Sunday: 2.00 pm > 7.00 pm
Closed on Monday
United States
Public with reduced mobility
What can I do for you?
Curator and designer: Thierry Fournier

Que puis-je pour vous ? (What can I do for you?) is the first solo exhibition in France by Californian artist Lauren Lee McCarthy, whose installations, videos, and digital works have been exhibited worldwide. Conceived and designed by French artist and curator Thierry Fournier, the exhibition brings together installations, videos, interactive works, texts, and images in a large-scale display

Lauren Lee McCarthy creates situations in which she frequently takes the place of devices (personal assistants, AIs, even fictitious surrogate mothers...) by dialoguing with their users and following their orders. By taking on these roles, Lauren Lee McCarthy brings out the human where we least expect it, and raises universal and highly relevant questions about care, attention, otherness, and power.

The exhibition features a number of interactive works, installations, and videos, in a scenography that deploys and amplifies the artist’s domestic aesthetic — as if the architecture of Le Lieu Unique were transformed into a film studio or a furniture superstore, with banners, floor markings, and shelves, fake apartments and furniture on trial. The space is punctuated by questions and large format images of the artist extracted from the works, present everywhere like a character invading consciousness and questioning control. The entire exhibition evokes a fictional space, where the boundaries between technology and humanity, intimacy and public life, are constantly blurred.

Lauren Lee McCarthy
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