Tirzah + Bendik Giske

Carte Blanche to CTM festival – Berlin

A caressing voice, a groove straight out of 90s RnB… in just two albums – Devotion and Colourgrade – Tirzah (a Tazir Mastin project, accompanied on stage by DJ Coby Sey), has redefined the contours of a deceptively laid-back and resolutely contemporary brand of pop. As for saxophonist Bendik Giske, he puts his own body to the test: through his use of circular breathing, he is able to draw everything from graceful melodies to corporeal vibrations from his instrument.

More info on CTM Festival Berlin : ctm-festival.de



+ 5pm : Mathias Delpanque et Pierce Warnecke / free
+ 11pm : Ikonika, Happy New Tears, Sarah Farina et Mobiletti Giradischi / free

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