Suzanne Ciani

+ opener : Kali Malone & Puce Mary

Suzanne Ciani

Thanks to her unparalleled virtuosity in modular synth composition, Suzanne Ciani quickly established herself as one of the greatest ambient musicians of her time. As a pioneer of electronic and New Age music in the 80s, she composed jingles for Coca-Cola and Atari (among others) that remain engraved in the memories of an entire generation.

This concert offers a rare occasion to (re)discover this exceptional artist and her repertoire.

Kali Malone & Puce Mary

One is American, the other is Danish. Each uses only a few instruments to create deep, precise music that is dark yet contemplative – and powerfully fascinating. Invited by composer Stephen O’Malley – aka SOMA, member of the drone-metal group Sunn O))), and associated artist of le lieu unique – they will collaborate together for a one-of-a-kind performance.

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