+ opening act: Lee Ranaldo

Spend an evening reuniting with the pioneering group that forged a certain idea of pop both intelligent and danceable. Though they may be a cult band, Stereolab – formed in the early 90s by Brit Tim Gane and French-born Laetitia Sadier – are still as stimulating as ever, with a career that could be described as an eternal return. Since 2021, they have been returning to stages to play their effervescent sounds, where bubble pop meets krautrock obsessions, and elegant analogue synths take on blazing guitars.

First known as the guitarist of Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo has been developing an exciting solo body of work since the end of the 80s. In 2021, he came back with a new album entitled In Virus Times, composed during the pandemic, an entirely instrumental album in four parts punctuated sometimes by a light voice or some sounds of the city. To be found at Le Lieu Unique for an intimate and rare acoustic set!


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