Sens Fiction

When fiction foreshadows future usages

Sens-Fiction is an exhibition/lab that investigates how fiction influences our conception of future practices; in this laboratory, designers’ methods are informed by the desired outcome.

This exhibition also examines what fiction brings to future-use foresight: literary, cinematographic, advertising, and future-focused works, as well as designers’ projects, are placed side by side; they serve to reveal how we live in the world.

Ramy Fischler and Scott Longfellow’s multidisciplinary approach led them to invite several personalities to intermingle. Whether they are exploring science fiction, speculative fiction, social-science literature, the relationship between brands and fiction, or speculating about tomorrow’s world through design, these enthusiasts enriched the exploration of the interrelationships between fiction and usage.

Curators: Ramy Fischler and Scott Longfellow

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