The Art of the Invisible

Artists from around the world are coming together for the exhibition Quantum, where they observe, decrypt and question our physical world by navigating through the instable realities of contemporary science, each in their own original way.
Either through performance, or by looking at theories and experiments, these works rethink scientific facts and data, questioning the process that transforms a phenomenon into a determined “fact”. These critical and creative reflections test the certainties that define our universe and offer a new perspective allowing us to possibly discover new facets.

With: Julieta Aranda (Mexico/Germany), Diann Bauer (USA/UK), James Bridle (UK/Greece), Juan Cortés (Columbia), hrm199 (Haroon Mirza, in collaboration with Jack Jelfs – UK), Yunchul Kim (Slovakia), Lea Porsager (Denmark), Suzanne Treister (UK), Semiconductor (UK) and Yu-Chen Wang (Taiwan/UK).

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