Jules Beckman

Pleasure Test

“PLEASURE TEST” is a flexible, multidisciplinary form which adapts to the unstable personal and political worlds we inhabit. The intention is to decrease anxiety without ignoring the cause and to increase courage. This involves a series of songs, each one a kind of ritual, played live on a variety of instruments, a foreign language, an incoherent visceral prayer, a lust for life … until the right moment when something unexpected happens.

Jules Beckman, American living in France since 2002, multidisciplinary performing artist, member of Needcompany. Since 1987 he has worked in contemporary, popular and underground circles of dance, theater, circus, performance and music.

— october 2nd : Voir le livestream
— october 3rd : Voir le livestream

Knights of the Invisible (Iona Kewney et Joseph Quimby) // Canceled
The performance is canceled due to the quarantine linked to Covid-19.

Knights of the Invisible is the Scottish duo Iona Kewney and Joseph Quimby. They will perform a special piece for Le Lieu Unique. The duo are a spiritual uprising ; a dance of life with all is emotional charge and vision. Their work is a highly visceral and fragile atmospheric experience in a distinctly etheric and euphoric soundscape. The performances are a landscape of body, mind and imagination unfolding in a sonic universe.

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