Les Demoiselles d’Afrique

Salia Sanou with Ange Aoussou-Dettmann / Agathe Djokam Tamo Aicha Kaboré / Kadidja Tiemanta / Carmelita Siwa / Germaine Sikota

Originally from Burkina Faso, Salia Sanou is one of the founders of Les Rencontres chorégraphiques de Ouagadougou in 1997: an important event in Africa’s dance scene. Les Demoiselles d’Afrique shows his commitment to the continent’s youth. Composed of five pieces, this project is an artistic manifesto exploring the place of women in 21st century Africa. The six female choreographers share a common sense of commitment and determination, all participating in the same struggle – one where dance can act as a tool for emancipation.

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