Les Belles Retrouvailles

Fall 2020 - September to December

Following the health crisis that paralyzed the entire world, and months of suspension of our arts projects, the Lieu Unique is welcoming the public back, but in a different spirit.
The idea is to encourage everybody to come back!
So, from September until December, the Lieu Unique is offering Les Belles Retrouvailles, a flexible way to greet the public in our galleries. In a unique space that is totally consistent with current health rules, we’re offering a variety of artistic experiences, including music, theater, dance, performance art, film, debates, lectures and festivals.
Artists, researchers and local authors will be joined by national and international arts personalities. We’ll be featuring dozens of projects that reflect our epoch and consider the condition of the world, including culture, science, hybrid exhibits, happy times and deeper issues.
Les Belles Retrouvailles brings together everything that we love so that we can all keep thinking and traveling.
Entrance is free for everything!