For Four Walls – Jour de Colère

An evening with Le Ballet de Lorraine

Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley present:
For Four Walls(based on Merce Cunningham’s original work)
Music by John Cage

Olivia Grandville presents: Jour de colère
Music by
Julius Eastman

Over the course of an evening, the city of Lorraine’s ballet company will perform two pieces: Four Walls by Merce Cunningham – as part of the choreographer’s centenary – and Jour de Colère – an original piece by Olivia Grandville, who has worked with le lieu unique since 2017. Four Walls is a piano piece with a vocal interlude written by John Cage in 1944. Grandville’s new choreography employs the virtuosity of Les Ballets de Lorraine’s 21 dancers and music by Julius Eastman, with a piano and electric guitar version of his composition Evil Nigger.


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