Festival Variations

Music for piano and keyboard

Created with the Fondation BNP Paribas, the festival offers numerous concerts over several days that express the full creative range of the keyboard in musical fields such as classical, jazz, electronic, experimental, improv and traditional. After being cancelled in April, the festival also provides a perfect opportunity to come back together.

Claire M Singer
An internationally renowned organist and composer, Claire M Singer is a frequent guest performer with top-ranking musicians such as Low and Max Richter.

Sylvie Courvoisier
A virtuosa pianist and composer, Sylvie Courvoisier balances two worlds, connecting the sculptural roots of European chamber music to the heady groove of the jazz scene and delicate improvisations.

Vincent Peirani, Jokers
An internationally renowned accordionist who won awards at the Victoires du jazz in 2014 and 2015, Vincent Peirani has rejuvenated the language of the instrument, giving it a cosmopolitan dimension.

Laurel Halo
Laurel Halo’s albums Quarantine (2012)–vision(s) of a pop futurist, Chances Of Rain (2013)– muted ambient techno, and Dust (2017)–chiaroscuro, ever-deviant pop sounds, have ensured his recognition on the international DJing scene.

Echo Collective plays Amnesiac
The neo-classical members of the Echo Collective play brass and string instruments, bassoon, harp and piano in an acclaimed reinterpretation of the Radiohead album Amnesiac.

Not Waving & Sean Rogg
The Waldorf Project: Futuro
Not Waving (Alessio Natalizia) and Sean Rogg have created an immersive, highly cinematic performance that blends dense, melodic experiments with sound with choreography and video projections.

Antoine Souchav’, Yellow Magic Harpsichord
Yellow Magic Harpsichord is a harpsichord recital based on transcriptions of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Mondkopf, How Deep Is Our Love?
Mondkopf’s most recent album, How Deep is Our Love? centers around minimalist musical improvisations that are luminous, poetic and contemplative.

Jonathan Fitoussi
Jonathan Fitoussi is known for compositions of cyclical, repetitive melodies and fine notes that are direct descendants of Berlin’s pioneers of synthetic music.

Escaich against Escaich/Escaich contre Escaich
Inspired by the interpretation of his own work by the Ensemble Utopik, Thierry Escaich answers them with piano improvisations that provide a commentary–simultaneously detached and intimate–on his own sounds.

Bernardino Femminielli
Appearing as a genderfluid provocateur, Bernardino Femminielli mixes modes of artistic expression—music, performance, poetry and film.

Martina Lussi
In the musical pieces of the Swiss composer Martina Lussi, muted, vibrant droning sounds overlap with tortured guitar licks and metallic keys.

Edna Stern
Edna Stern plays the piano and the pianoforte with equal radiance. She is often invited to play around the world, in solo performances or with chamber music groups and orchestras.

Ben Shemie
A Single Point of Light

The Canadian Ben Shemie – better known as a singer and guitarist with the group Suuns – distills a cold electro pop and lays his voice down over layers of minimalist synthesizers.

Thomas Enhco & Vassilena Serafimova
Thomas Enhco’s music draws on two profound cultures—jazz and classical. The composer-pianist was anointed Révélation de l’année [Revelation of the Year] at the Victoires du jazz [Victories of Jazz, a French musical awards program] in 2013. The Bulgarian musician Vassilena Serafimova tirelessly explores the possible range of the marimba by blending classical, contemporary and her own electro music.

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