Experiment 120

Experimental children's cinema

With the family

Experiment 120 is an itinerant offer of experimental films for young audiences that the artist and curator Marie-Pierre Bonniol launched in Spring 2020.
Programs include experimental films about subjects such as objects and games, including films made by children themselves, in which objects move around, go off on tangents, become uncontrollable, enter into dialogue with them and open up other dimensions.

First session – 40 minutes

Trinkler, Marie-Christine Theiler (Suisse, 2010, 9′)
Dégringolade, Patrick Rebeaud & Eric Reynier (France, 1982, 4′)
Circling the image, Clint Enns (Canada, 2009, 1’30”)
Voitures, Andreï Tachou (France, 2015, 4′)
Byun, objet trouvé, Marie Losier (2012, USA, 7’47”)
Notes on the circus, Jonas Mekas (1966, USA, 12’59”)

Second session – 30 minutes

Korridor, Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol (Allemagne, 2020, 1’16)
La dure réalité d’un jeu, Nino Pfeffer (France, 2016, 7’15)
Au bord du lac, Patrick Bokanowski (France, 1994, 5’30”)
Planks snakes and castles, Hector Ghikas (Grande-Bretagne, 2020, 0’54)
Ellen on the rope, Jean Sousa (USA, 1978, 6′)
Origin of flowers, Yuri Muraoka (Japon, 2008, 7’)
Repeat, Olga Radic (France, 2019, 3′)

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