Aram Kebabdjian et Stéfane Perraud

In what we assume is the future, a blue forest — both marvelous and frightening — appears in the landscape on top of a radioactive waste burial site… drawing on documentation as well as fiction, Demi-vie (Half-life) sends visitors several thousand years from the present time. Author Aram Kebabdjian and the artist Stéfane Perraud explore reality while creating an imaginary world based on the nuclear age that combines archival documents, a video of a burial site, mysterious sculptures and a virtual reality installation: Zone bleue.

We encounter a subterranean tunnel in the exposition that has been bored by machines, archaic architectural constructions from a lost civilization… Timeframes and narratives are interwoven in a fascinating, vertiginous loop.

At a time when humanity is now asking what will become of its nuclear ruins, Demi-vie / Half-life offers a disquieting trip among landscapes that have been affected by the atom. 
exposition curator: Olivier Schefer