CTM Festival – Berlin

Au milieu du monde #3: Carte blanche to CTM festival (Berlin)

Old myths and recent scientific research show that Nantes is at the pole of the continental hemisphere – in other words, the centre of the planet… Therefore, in the middle of the world (“le milieu du monde”), le lieu unique’s tower rises symbolically in the air and, like a magnet, attracts the globe’s most prestigious festivals & labels, giving them carte blanche for a night or weekend…

Founded in 1999, CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art is a leading international festival dedicated to leftfield pop, contemporary electronic and experimental music.
Presented under a yearly theme, each edition tests the current possibilities and limits of music, and supports a wide range of artists working in the context of music and sound cultures.

CTM Festival gives space to a multitude of voices and perspectives. It covers a wide range of sonic and music practices, and of interdisciplinary projects that combine music, performance and visual arts with digital culture, critical theory and new technologies.

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