Benjamin Jarry + Shards

Benjamin Jarry
Octuor de violoncelles (‘Cello Octet) – creation 
Cres, the inscrutable figure who is at the center of Francesco Rosi’s film Cadaveri eccellenti, inspired Benjamin Jarry to create a piece for eight ‘cellos whose elusive contours and contrasting profiles oscillate between minimalism and tango and between tension and contemplation. The performance is like a musical exquisite corpse (cadavre exquis).


Find Sound is the first album by Shards, a London-based vocal group led by the singer, composer and producer Kieran Brunt. Combining voice, synthesizer and percussion, Find Sound is an astonishing exploration of the human voice by 12 singers.

Possibility to return and go out at 21:45 between the two concerts

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