Au milieu du monde #2: Carte blanche to La Route du Rock Winter festival

Old myths and recent scientific research show that Nantes is at the pole of the continental hemisphere – in other words, the centre of the planet… Therefore, in the middle of the world (“le milieu du monde”), le lieu unique’s tower rises symbolically in the air and, like a magnet, attracts the globe’s most prestigious festivals & labels, giving them carte blanche for a night or weekend…

With the ever-charismatic Stuart A. Staples as its frontman, this group has had an exemplary career since the early 1990’s. Whether it’s through their film soundtracks or their “traditional” albums, Tindersticks have raised melancholy to an art (de vivre!) and today, they are on the cusp of releasing their eleventh studio album! Whether it is through their appropriation of soul, new-wave or folk, this English band has created a musical world both personal and universal, and the flood of emotions triggered by their songs will satisfy any music-lover hungry for intense experiences.

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