Ars Electronica garden

The Woman-Machine

The Woman-Machine is a two-day event on the main stage of le lieu unique.  In response to the French philosopher Julien Offroy de La Mettrie (18° Century) and also to the international band Kraftwerk, le lieu unique invites artists, scientists and performers to discuss the relationship between IAs and gender, robots and feminism, machine learning and the world after the pandemic.

In the afternoon, we’ll have spearkers: Oulimata Gueye on afrocyberfeminism, Sophie Sakka on therapeutic robots and autism, Aude Bernheim on IA and ethics and Clotilde Chevret about IA and gender.

The evenings will be dedicated to gigs, with the French musicians Golem Mécanique and Félicia Atkinson.


Saturday 12
5pm : Clotilde Chevet
5.45pm : Oulimata Gueye
8pm : Félicia Atkinson

Sunday 13

3.30pm : Aude Bernheim
5pm : Sophie Sakka
6pm : Golem Mécanique